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Karen Melonie Gould
CEO of Gateway2enterprise

Preparing Structuring Sourcing/Raising Investment 'DEAL FLOW' Angel Investor - Investor Events Speaker

Cedric Torossian

Cedric Torossian- Serial entrepreneur, fund and start up advisor specialised in the digital economy, innovation, data analysis and strategy LinkedIn

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What Others Are Saying

I have worked with Karen on many occasions. She has always been professional, courteous and engaging. We are currently reviewing a joint investment together and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.
Chris Marson, Director at RTI FAMILY OFFICE. Non Exec Board Member at Vector Innovation Fund
I enjoyed your event – you assembled some interesting companies, kept the pitching tight, fielded a top of the line panel, and led us out with a song – what’s not to like!
Shane SmithAngel Investor
Thanks Karen, It was an interesting & productive evening
Peter BlueAngel Investor
Karen gave an amazing support on documents for raising funds. Karen is a genuine and an extremely smart lady. Simply put, Karen stands out from the rest of the crowd, in all aspects. Thank you Karen!
Yasin Arafeh,Private Equity Investor at LFG Europe AG
Have some good news, I met with one of our potential investors this morning and he said he is interested to invest and he is fine with the current valuation. I’ll keep him informed in the coming months and so fingers crossed. This proves that you are absolutely amazing, your words are like an oracle, what you say becomes reality.
Janthana KaenprakhamroyTapoly
Big thank you to Karen you for her help, guidance and warm hearted approach since we met. Karen’s industry knowledge is second to none, which is rare to find. I look forward to continuing working together over the coming years!
George Burgess, Raising Capital for Real Estate Developers
I was honoured to be on the Family Office panel for Karen’s Online Spring Family Office/Investor Conference on Impact/ESG/Technology Family Office Trends in March of 2021. She and I first met some years ago in Tunisia where we were both speakers at an event supported by various governments including Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Not only does Karen have a strong grasp on impact investing for investment fund mandates but most importantly, she has on-the-ground experience and networks in emerging economies. I look forward to her Family Office Summit on 22 July 2021 in London. Karen is a very lovely person to work with and I personally intend to do more work with her great organization.
Tieho M. Wealth Management | Investment Banking | SPACs
Karen and I worked for months together before the amazing event she hosted in July 2021. The level of attention, advice and promotion she offered to our new Venture Capital fund was invaluable. We are really excited to continue working with her and anyone else who gets the chance to will be extremely fortunate. Thank you Karen.
Sahil Chopra, Simsan Ventures Fund | Family Office Events 2021
Karen is one of the most dynamic and driven women I know, her network is vast which enables her working partnerships. Karen has successfully raised investment across multiple sectors, however her specialism is Tech, shes a key note speaker at Fintech and always attracts an audience. On a personal note Karen has supported me in numerous endeavors, including my most recent appointment as Director for T4C UK Ltd. I am sure anyone who seeks out Karen’s services will receive the same vibrant, knowledgeable yet honest opinion on their business strategy, and will value her expertise.
Dawn Coker, Chief Operating Officer at Access2Funding
Karen’s recent interview at Expanse Summit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFyP4WnNdQM was insightful and refreshing. There is little information about how to engage with UHNWI and Family Office investors, yet they require a bespoke engagement approach – this short video is a great introduction and highlights the incredible opportunities in this space for both investors and entrepreneurs alike.
Sophie Burgis, Cyan Finance - The Specialist Green, Social And Future Capital Provider
Karen has always made an incredible job when it is organising start-up/investors summit. I have great pleasure working with her, and she understands very well what are the needs from an investor perspective required to succeed, and what start-ups need to show to investors. She is enthusiastic and always full of energy. Passionate about her job, and her will to make companies she is working with to be successful. I only can recommend working with her, and I am pleased to have met her and been working with her.
Olivier Varon, Financial Solutions
As an overseas investor, I have attended a few of Karen’s events and am pleased to say, that it is the best opportunities for looking for fresh and innovative investments for any potential investor.  Not only is Karen’s events very enjoyable to attend from both a professional and social standpoint, she also seems to have an innate sense to select investments and opportunities that she knows will appeal to her investor’s appetites, whereby the program and itinerary flows systematically from speakers to presentations,  the audience is assured to have a selection of quality investments options at the end of the event. On addition, I know that Karen personally screens and selects each proposal and opportunity, not only based on the potential, profitability and viability of the project, but also based on each individual founder and merit, so therefore I have full confidence and no hesitations in exploring taking up offers and investment opportunities that I receive from Karen’s events.
Pamela, Angel Investor Family Office Asia
Learning and having experienced keynote speakers attend was a valuable aspect of the conference
Ricky MartinFounder & CEOLondon
Karen has remarkable energy and enthusiasm for fundraising and investor relations. I attended a family office investor event in emerging technologies organised by Karen and I was highly impressed by the eclectic range entrepreneurs and investors at the event. I attend many events in the venture capital and startup sector and none were as eye-opening and stimulating at the one that Karen organised. BRAVO! I look forward to keeping in touch with Karen and hopefully working on projects together in the future.
Alexander Groves, Founder at Crossable:
“Karen hosted a Family Office event exploring some key issues and opportunities in the Climate Change arena. Keynote speakers were all highly knowledgeable and compelling, while new and emerging talent were able to showcase how impact investing by family Offices could make a real change in this crucial area. The whole event was well managed and calibrated by Karen and her team, and I very much look forward to future events.” Matthew Hulme MDJ Partnership
Matthew Hulme
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