Thank you for the wonderful event yesterday. It was very inspiring and informative.

Co-Founder Juke Media.

It was an honor to have you in the conference. You were amazing and we enjoyed to listen to you. Thank you for joining.

Yvonne BDOSwiss Banking Group

It was so lovely to have met you earlier today during the workshop.
I sincerely learned a lot from you and it was very informative and succinct.
Thank you very much for taking time to talk to me and give me some wonderful directions at the stand.
I sincerely appreciate your time and I love your style.
I’m sure we will meet again soon for business.

Prince Shoyelu

A great event Karen. I’m not a fan of networking but yesterday was full of fantastic people and I came away with lots of new knowledge to digest! The excellent range of speakers and opportunities to network with both investors & businesses made for a very varied and enjoyable day. Thanks again.

Nathan Pearson

It was an honour to have an honest account of your journey and achievements. You’re an aspirational lady. We are delighted to have won mentoring time with you.

I attended your short seminar at Olympia which I found very inspiring. Could I kindly request a copy of the ’50 slides’ which you mentioned we at your presentation.

James Reid

Have some good news, I met with one of our potential investors this morning and he said he is interested to invest and he is fine with the current valuation. I’ll keep him informed in the coming months and so fingers crossed. This proves that you are absolutely amazing, your words are like an oracle, what you say becomes reality.

Janthana KaenprakhamroyTapoly

It was a great pleasure to meet you at the Business show on Thursday and was very regretful you took the time to speak with us.
We enjoyed your presentation very much and would like to be considered as a company you help to archive great things.

Tom 'Tola' Bashir

The Christmas investor event organised by Karen and the Gateaway2 Enterprise team was high level, with both great investment propositions from exciting startups with real traction and true investors. All pitches were very tight, well presented and convincing, the party that followed was also very friendly and people were open minded. There was as well a very useful follow up day where investors could meet in one place all the startups that had presented at the event

Cedric Torossian CEO

Karen is a big personality with lots to offer and extremely approachable. If you are looking to take your startup/Business to the next level, then she has vast knowledge and a large network of investor that respect her on a professional and personal level. We met and networked with some amazing mentors on the day of the Gateway2Enterprise accelerator program in Oct 2020, that have made a huge impact on our way of thinking and have allowed to take our vision above and beyond. We’d like to especially thank, Matt Black, Cedric Torrosian, Roshni Durve and all the other mentors that shared their time with us. Thank you and Best wishes.

Sunil KaraFounder of Appysalons