Karen Melonie Gould

Karen Melonie Gould is the CEO of Gateway2enterprise, an Alternative Investment Platform and Finance Platform which PREPARES STRUCTURE and SOURCES to RAISE Investment Globally.

Karen is an International Speaker and desires to deliver ‘bespoke’ training programs around the ‘Investment Eco System’ Sweet spot is working with clients raising A Series. Karen has unmeasurable initiative and enthusiasm to build and manage a high-quality deal flow portfolio with outstanding performance of raising investment in 2019. I always work the hours necessary to fulfil my desirable ambitions and that of my clients. Our 'SANDPIT' is to PREPARE ALL documents to STRUCTURE and SOURCE to RAISE Investment Globally.

Also an Angel Investor Karen also delivers Workshops Leadership and Management using Military emotional intelligence as a ILM Level 7 CEO/Board Level Trainer. In 2019 Karen created for MMU the Investor Readiness Unit for the MBA International Business Management Program to deliver March 2020.

Skills: Entrepreneurship; Finance/Investment; Business Development/Sales/Traction; Networking; Events Management; Speaker/Author; Digital Marketing; Disruptive Thinking; Operations; Leadership; Innovation; Strategic Development and Implementation; Business Development; Business Performance Improvement; Operational Management; Business Transformation; Change Management; Team Development; Culture; Communication; Innovation;

Jonathan Wright


Experienced technology consultant with over 15 years experience leading SME’s and Over a decades experience in web development, software architecture retail and digital Marketing.

Founder of WrightWay Digital and chief architect of the Blend Suite integration platform, Jonathan has experience operating businesses in Sri Lanka, the Caribbean and Europe.

Start Up Team

Matt Black

Board Director Corporate Training Strategy and Structure

Matt draws from over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur —CEO, CMO, COO, Investor, Adviser, Visioneer, Mentor, Strategist, Fixer. As a result, he has been able to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges.

Key Skills: Scaling companies around Structure using Strategy to exit

Roshni Durve

Private Equity Professional London/Paris

PE & VC professional with a focus on impact projects. Strong management and operational experience through being on the management team of portfolio companies, including one of the UK’s largest sustainable waste-based biofuels companies.

Key skills include origination, advisory, fundraising, investor relations, strategic partnerships, business development and scaling, corporate strategy, marketing, investment memorandum and business plan creation, development and implementation.

Cedric Torossian


Cedric Torossian- Serial entrepreneur, fund and start up advisor specialised in the digital economy, innovation, data analysis and strategy LinkedIn. Cedric leads on Impact Investing & ESG with Pollenise.

Broad range of experience in growing start-ups from founder, non-exec board member, advisor and mentor building on 15+ years’ experience as an analyst for Wall Street investors working on investment strategies and performance projections of top listed retail, consumer and media companies such as Carrefour, Ralph Lauren, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Proven track record of deliv-ering strategic recommendations in fast moving and disrupted digital sectors both for small businesses and listed corporations.

Blanca Morales Padilla

Events Conferences Marketing/PR Manager

"I am a dynamic Marketing proffessional with extensive experience in Advertising, Publicity, PR, Media, and International Business. I studied Journalism in Spain, Netherlands and Mexico and then finished a Marketing MsC in London.

As a self-sufficient stakeholder manager with outstanding personal and networking skills, I have excellent knowledge of multinational companies, press and global markets with major expertise into niche B2B/B2C markets. With a constantly changing industry, I have the ability to anticipate, innovate and draw conclusions to survive and thrive in the age of digital literacy and expectancy. Strong organizational and managerial talent attained along my proffessional years and prior to that at my family business, where I learned strategy, development and operations among others.

In the last years I have been focused on Event marketing – specialized in Family Offices, UHNWI, top & C-levels, who understand the efficiencies of the entire marketing mix and the wonderful power of mastering social skills at the Events industry."

Accelerator Team

Ketan Makwana

Investor Enterprise Labs

Experienced business strategist, transforming global economies through innovation & business growth

Associate Partners

Chris Davino

Investment Banker NYC USA – Osprey Point LLP – Technology and Media

Part of Executive Management - Chris will head up with his NYC Team using his Investor Portal that has 2500 Investors in USA which we will white label for 2020 for our clients..

Dusica Lukac


Part of Executive Management and Accelerator Teams - Leading on Digital Assets - ex VC USA and Europe - Own Fund

Geoff Miller


Part of Executive Management and Accelerator Teams - Tech and Medical Cannabis - Own Funds

Shiva Venkatraman

Asia Region – Family Office – Fund

Multi-faceted Venture Growth Leader with strong operating and investment experience via various roles (COO, Sr VP, CTO, Board Member and Advisory Board Member) in providing strategic direction for the application of leading edge technologies to solve complex business challenges and achieving creditable results